Actions question


I want some words to be lowercase. Like "of" "a" "and" "the", etc. In the past I used to add those to the replace after the case convert action. And a second one because I wanted the word after a line "-" to be uppercase.


Artist - Album - 00 - The Title of the Song.

Any help to make this easier? Currently I add every word twice.

First: Replace: "The" with "the".
Then Replace "- the" with "- The".

ta! :smiley:


You can unite various actions in one and run them all with only one click.


I know, but can I create ONE action for one word. Cause I have to do it twice now (when adding).


Ok, here is how to do it all in one action:

Replace with Regular Expressions
Filed: _FILENAME (I think)
RegEx: (- )?(the|a|some)
Replace with: $1$if($eql($1,- ),$caps($2),$lower($2))

It replaces "the", "a", or "some" (case-insensitive) (just example) by "The", "A", "Some" if it comes after "- ", otherwise by lowercases them.

Regards nickless


Oh man that's f'ing awesome! :flushed:

Thanks a lot!!!! :smiley: