[Actions] removing "www..." from filename

Hi All.

I Would like to remove "www." from mp3 filenames.


Artist - Title [www.somesite.com].mp3

I'd like to get:

Artist - Title.mp3

Is that possible to get this result using regular expressions, and how?

You do not need the obvious power of Regular Expression, simply use the dialog "Mp3tag/Convert/Filename - Filename" to solve your problem (hmm ... there might be working a Regular Expression behind the scene).

Convert | Filename - Filename | ALT+3

Select format string

Old filename pattern:
%1 - %2 [%3]

New filename pattern:
%1 - %2

Artist - Title.mp3


Ok. that could be solution, but i have already configured few expressions in Convert --> Actions. I'd like to have a "one click" tool to tidy up my mp3's. That's why i suggested expressions (as a wish).

You may set up the tags properly (what is recommended), ...

Action: Guess values
Source format: %_FILENAME%
Guessing pattern: %ARTIST% - %TITLE% [www.%DUMMY%]

... then you can use ...
Action: Format value
Formatstring: %ARTIST% - %TITLE%

If you like it complicated in one step ...
Action: Format value
Formatstring: $regexp(%_FILENAME%,'^(.+?\s-\s.+?)\s(?i)[www..+?]$','$1')

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