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Hi all,

I am a long time user of Mp3tag and have been around these forums over the years, have donated and used to go by the username 'TheChipstar' - I just forgot my password. Lol.
So here I am again.

I just want to say, Mp3tag is awesome! Keep up the good work!

I have always wanted to know, but have never asked...
Is it possible to add the functionality of running "Auto-numbering Wizard..." or "Convert: Tag - Filename", etc, from an Action?

I ask this, as I usually do the following when tagging:

  • Load directory
  • Select All
  • Run "Auto-numbering Wizard..."
  • Run "Tag - Filename"
  • Run "Filename - Tag"
  • Run Action

Would it not be possible to run those 3 ("Auto-numbering Wizard...", "Tag - Filename", "Filename - Tag") from an Action instead?

I guess this can all be done from a batch file via the commandline, but the gui is so much nicer.

What does anyone think?


With the exception of the numbering wizard, all functions can be called with an action, and sometimes even better than the convert function.
Tag-Filename as an action becomes an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY or _FILENAME
Filename-Tag as an action becomes "Guess values" with _FILENAME as source.

And no: no shell-batch can call actions within MP3tag.


Thanks for the reply mate, I appreciate it.
Actually, I guess I kind of already knew that, as I use the "Format Value" Action often.
I should have only asked about the "Auto-numbering Wizard..." as that was the one I was specifically interested in.

Thanks for the reply though.

I do this all the time with a new album having marked all files of the album and sorted the tracks in the correct order.
As an example for the autonumbering action:
Action Type: Format Values
Field: TRACK
Fomat String: $num(%_counter%,2)/$num(%_total_files%,2)