Actions throwing in spaces


Actions started doing this in build 2.25l I hadn't changed any actions since July and had used the actions thru August. First pass puts spaces between every two letters then every other. Cut number three had an additional pass.

S H o R t S T a C K - 01 - D O n't B E a F r A i D O F T H e W a t E R.m p3
S H o R t S T a C K - 02 - S O m E t I m E s I F E e L.m p3
S H O R T S T a C K - 03 - D a N C E W I T H M E.m P3
S H o R t S T a C K - 04 - S I t D O w N B E s I d E M E.m p3
S H o R t S T a C K - 05 - I T's R A i N i N g F L o W e R S.m p3

I also noticed something when I accidentally deleted an action group. did not bring it back. Maybe there should be a delay in deleting such until is pressed. Fortunately I had a backup.



could you please send me your action set via email?

Thanks in advance!
~ Florian



I guess I missed the notification on your reply. The problem with my "NamesLikeThis" action was your new case sensitive option. Defaulting to unchecked messed up a lot of my actions. I immediately found myself with nearly a hundred non-case-sensitive actions that were written to be case-sensitive. Defaulting to what they been before would have avoided the problem. Could I have missed a build that set them with the proper default? I don't download every development build. This one was disasterous until I checked the box.


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