Actions using GUESS on varying filenames


Can you kindly help with Actions converting filename to tag:

I have an audiobook folder with files that may be named like:
Author - book.mp3
Author [series - number] - book.mp3
Author - book (narrator) {year}.mp3

and so on using combination of author, book name, series name, series number, narrator and year. And some fields may be omitted - i.e. for a specific book I do not know narrator, so "(narrator)" part would be omitted.

The task is to make action (or several actions) that would take the file name and write the parts to the corresponding tags (like the converter>Filename-Tag does)

I understand that I should use GUESS action, but the issue is that I do not want to make several actions titles like 'importing only author and book name' 'importing author, name and series' but create just one action that would decide how to import.

It is much easier to create multiple matching Actions for the different namings, then create one single Action that (hopefully) works with many file names.

You can use the Convert Filename -> Tag to test the "splitting", because you see immediately if your format string works for your filename.

You just have to adjust the tag names as you like it to be filled.
I don't know which tag should contain "series" in your case.
%series% is not an official tag and therefore not written in bold.

Yes, now I'm just doing that - using converter>Filename-Tag I'm just wandering if I know the structure (like narrator is always in (), series are in and year in {}) is there any way to combine guess and regexp's?

Yes. But building matching regular expressions and combine them is much more complicated.
There is no real advantage in making them more complicated and less readable :wink:

You can save the Convert settings with labels.
Like that you have them stored and the benefit of a preview.
I would assume that this treatment is necessary only once in the life of a file.

In general I agree with @LyricsLover

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