I've been using mp3tag for over a year and am delighted with it... but one thing still puzzles me: why using an Action am I allowed to edit tags etc. but not to import tags from a taglist files, set filenames from tags etc.?

Actually, you can set filenames from tags by using a Format value action with _FILENAME as field and %artist% - %title% for example as format string. Importing from text on the other side is not possible.

Neat - thanks!

And do you know a way of getting an Action to set %album artist% and %artist% from a pathname such as

albumartist/album/track title.wma



Action type: Guess values
Source format: %_parent_directory%\%_directory%
Guessing pattern: %album artist%\%artist%

Excellent! Thanks Dano.

Guessing pattern: %album artist%\%artist%

Suggestion: It would be really good for the Help to reveal that such richeness is allowed. It says just "Source format string" and mentions only that "one tag field" may be used.


Where can I find this stuff out for myself? I see no mention of that placeholder in the Help. Thanks.

That's for "Placeholders for export configurations" not Actions.

They work in almost every place of the program.

Meaning that the same list of placeholders applies whereever placeholders are allowed?

Almost. Just try it out :slight_smile:


Suggestion for improvement: add to Help a list of the placeholders allowed in format strings.