Add a "Save and next" shortcut ?

I would like to know if it's possible to add a shortcut to save and go to the next item ?
Thank you and and thank you for your wonderful software !

If you edit tags in the files list, then this is already implemented.
If you edit tags in the extended tags dialogue, then click on the "next" button.
You can tick the option "automatically save when using cursor keys" in File>Options>Tags

Only the tag panel requires the extra "CTRL-S" as the tag panel is usually used for editing more than just one file and saving information for a lot of files could slow down editing, so you have to say when you have finished with CTRL-S.

Thank you, I didn't know the "automatically save when using cursor keys" option.
I use tag panel to add a title to each MP3, so it needs to Ctrl + S and click to the next item. I find it easier than click on each field to write. So when all fields are OK, a save and go to next would be a great little feature.

Hi NicCo,

the configuration setting ohrenkino was referring to, available via
File > Options > Tags > Save tags when using arrow keys/single mouse click,
is actually quite helpful here.

Once you enable this setting, you can edit the title in the Tag Panel and when you click on another file, Mp3tag saves the data automatically. To fully get rid of any mouse interaction, you can use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl+N] to jump to the next file (and [Ctrl+Shift+N] to go back to the previous one).

Kind regards
– Florian

Thank you for the tip, I'll try Ctrl + N and the option to auto-save :slight_smile: