Add a UTILS button to menu bar with Actions Button

Like many users here I have a number of UTILS configured for completing a number of Actions at once dependent on certain criteria. Just wondering if there was a thought to perhaps adding a UTILS button to the main menu bar near the Actions Buttons to have faster access to these rather than having to go into the Actions Submenu itself? Not sure if it is feasible as it would have to call upon actions in the aforementioned sub menu but it would be a plus to myself and those who use them regularly to have cleaner access to them via the main panel.

Thoughts welcomed on this...

Replying in the hopes of actually generating some interest...or perhaps is there a possibility of being able to have user assignable buttons?

Your suggestion is noted. As far as I understand, you want to have a dedicated button on the toolbar for directly accessing a configurable action group.

Regarding your question: it's currently not possible to customize the toolbar in any way.

What I would like it to be able to do is access this button circled in blue from the toolbar without having to use ALT +6 to bring up the Actions submenu and than choose the button from there..(the button already exists was just wondering if there was a way to add it to the toolbar?)

Don't use ALT-6, use the menue with the mouse and click on Actions ord press Alt-a. This way you can select every of your defined actions, which are listed there.
The actions-submenue is only needed if you want to edit actions or create new ones or combine some actions. But combining actions can better be done in action-groups.

Thank you for the suggestion...what I am trying to do however may be lost by using my picture...I have a number of Action Groups (by combining individual actions so that they are processed in a particular order) set up for different circumstances and they have been saved using the UTILS button at the bottom of the Actions Menu however this button is only accessible if one opens the Actions submenu as if you choose the "Aa" option in the tool bar it does not appear my suggestion is to have it as a separate button (as it already exists in the submenu one would think that this may not be too difficult however not being a overly knowledgeable about this so rt of thing I could be severely mistaken)...or maybe add it in as an option in the Quick actions button?