Add a word Or remove a word

I have been converting all these karaoke files to .mp4 format, this program works great. Here is my problem. I have came across a bunch of files like this
Barbara Streisand - Lost Inside Of You [Karaoke].mp4
I can handle that word [Karaoke] on the end if there was a way I could do it to all the files I have already named or if there was a way to remove that word, I'm good with that too? I am soo stupid so if you help, please dummy it up as much as possible

If you only want to treat the filename then you could use the function
Enter as source: %1
Enter as target: %1 '[Karaoke]'
to add the word.
Or use the same function only with the inverted mask if you want to get rid of it.

Okay id id that and it works for adding the word, you lost me in the inverted mask thing to delete this word

I tried puting %1 '[Karaoke] as target and %1 as sourse but it dont do anything

ok thanks i got it, some were named [Karaoke] and some were[karaoke] did a case conversion and all is well