Add album art to Creative Zen Mozaic

Hi there. This is my last resort before I throw my Zen Mozaic out of the window! I use mp3tag to embed album art and it works perfectly well on all my devices; phone, ipod, Foobar2000 audio player. All except my Zen Mozaic. Can anyone offer some valuable advice for me please? For your info I don't use the bloated Creative software to manage my music, preferring instead just to drag and drop. Any advice greatly received.

Sometimes players only show cover art of certain size and dimensions.
Have you tried it with small covers?
And what tag settings do you have at "Tools > Optioins > Tags > Mpeg"
Use ID3v2.3 iso or utf

Maybe you can also find help at that place:

Hi dano. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm using small files (9.02kb 200x200) and tag setting is ID3v2.3 UTF-16. I've already seen the threads at anythingbutipod and various creative support forums and I think the only way to add album art successfully is to use Creative Central...which I'm not going to do. Ironically, it's easier to manage my ipod with sharepod than it is my Zen Mozaic. Anyway, I suppose at the end of the day (pardon the football cliche!) I'm only 'listening' to music so not the end of the world. Thanks for your suggestions all the same. Chris.

I do not know anything about your devices.
But I would go this way ...

  1. Read the device manual. What are the technical limits of this device?
  2. Create two copies of a small and possibly fresh encoded audio file of about 0 to 1 second duration, never tagged at all.
  3. Use the Creative Central software one time to insert a selected image into the first reference test file.
  4. Use Mp3tag one time to insert the same selected image into the second reference test file.
  5. Compare both test files with a hex editor, try to find out what did the Creative Software and what did the Mp3tag software with the file.
    Possibly better chance is, publish both files to the Mp3tag forum.
    There might be some users, which can discover the difference and possibly can offer further help to you.

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Thanks. I'll give it a try.

What you also should try/check:
Does that zen support tags of version 2?
I doubt that.
So it might be that you have to go back to version 1.
Does you zen show genre? and the band?
If not then it will most likely not support v2 tags.

Hi - I just read your post. You have probably figured something about by now, but FWIW I had so much trouble adding album art to my Creative Zen it was ridiculous - and you're right, the Creative software is tragic. I have found mp3Tag the best thing. Media Monkey is very inconsistent and puts things all over the place, but IS useful for synching once you've fixed everything up elsewhere - I find. Don't want to start a flame war.

Re tags for Creative: Go through your collection in mp3Tag. Sort by album. Make sure you select ALL the tracks from an album. Next, check the album art in the bottom left corner. If there is a problem, no cover art will show, and it will say cover varies under the blank art box if there is some conflict of album art. It might also show that you have more than one image associated with the same album (1/2 1/3 etc.). If in any doubt you can always right click and remove all art before adding a new image.

To fix this I either drag and drop from my Album Art folder where I store all my covers, or I just click on a track in the album that has the correct art and right click copy, then select all tracks and paste that image to the whole album. I have been through my entire collection (50GB) and all my albums are now showing their covers correctly in my player.

My album art is all either 200 x 200 or 300 x 300 because I make up a lot of my own covers.

Hope this helps!