Add "Album Tracks" Tag

I am looking to add a tag called "album tracks" to all my music files. This tag would tell me how many total tracks are on the album. Currently I just have the track number as 1, 2, 3... Also, all other tags standard tags are set in each file (album, artist, etc.). Also, each album is in its own folder.

I would like to find an automated way to do this as I have 18000 files and don't want to do it album by album.

Ideally, I would want to select all my files and run some kind of script that counts the number of mp3 (or flac, or ogg) files in each folder and takes that count and tags the files in that folder with the number.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


You can use the :mt_trackwiz: Auto-numbering wizard and tell it to reset the counter for each subfolder and to also write the total number of tracks. However, this will overwrite your existing track field.

After you run the auto-numbering wizard you can simply store with an action the total number of tracks in a field like TOTALTRACKS.
This is a field that is used in MP4-Tags. So you have the total number correctly counted even when you want to retag the TRACK-field.

What do you mean? Your suggestion would require that he manually enters the number of tracks for each folder which might be too time consuming for him.

Thank you.. that worked for most things... just after I ran it I had to run a script to change the track number to be like it was before (1, 2, 3... instead of 1/10, 2/10....).

The only thing though is that the auto-numbering wizard did not work on wma files. I selected a few folders (some WMA and some mp3 files). The tags worked on the mp3 files, but not on the wma ones?

Any ideas? BTW - I downloaded the latest Bata and still had the same problem.

Also, is there anyway to add the auto-numbering wizard to an action so I can do one step to use that, then retag the track number back back to just 1, 2, 3... in one step?

I have no problems with using the autonumbering wizard on WMA files.

And to answer your question: there is no way of doing this through an action at the moment.

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