Add Alt + key combinations to action group possible?

Is it possible to add the alt+key combinations from the Convert drop down to an action group? Granted, it's not much effort to hit the key combinations, but if I could basically have my workflow as an action group the time would saved would add up.

See the documentation:

have a special look at the use of # and &

I'm trying to understand the process, but I'm just not getting. My workflow is this:

  1. Blank out the comments field
  2. Ctrl + K to use the auto numbering wizard
  3. Paste album art I found from apple music using google image search
  4. Make any changes to Year, Genre, Artist or Album Artist
  5. Alt + 1 to rename the files
  6. Alt + 5 to move the files

What I'm looking at attempting to do is add Steps 1, 2, 5, and 6 to an Action Group I already have setup. I don't see or find documentation where this is possible.

My Action Group would then be these steps:

  1. Paste album art I found from apple music using google image search
  2. Make any changes to any fields
  3. Blank out comments field
  4. Ctrl + K to renumber tracks (auto numbering wizard)
  5. Convert Case
  6. Make year 4 digit
  7. Export cover to file
  8. Alt + 1 to rename files
  9. Alt + 5 to move files

I don't see an option in the Action Groups to implement the Alt or Ctrl Key combinations from a menu...


You cannot use the numbering wizard as part of an action. At least not with all the functions to reset the counter. The closest you get is an action of the type "Format value" and Format string %_counter%.
To remove a field, use an action of the type "Remove field".
steps 8 &9 could be combined in a single action of the type "Format value" for _FILENAME in which you assign the path and the filename.
See also the documentation:

Convert Action
Convert>Filename-Tag Guess value with source %_FILENAME%
Convert>Tag-Filename Format value for _FILENAME
Convert>Filename-Filename Replace with regular expression for _FILENAME
Convert>Tag-Tag Format value
Convert> Textfile-Tag has no equivalent. The action "Import text file" works differently.