Add Amazon Cover Downloader to MP3Tag



Although I'm new to this place i'd like to refer to a program that was introduced to this Forum by Sebastian Mares called "Amazon Cover Downloader".
I've been searching for quite a while for a fast and easy way to search, download and save cover art to my music folders. Together with MP3Tag's "Tools" functionality theres a comfortable way to do this.

  • Simply add a new Tool and take the path to the amazon cover downloader .exe.
  • Add the following parameters:***QRY=%artist% %album%OUT=%_folderpath%MOD=0SIZ=2FBK=1FNM=folder.jpg

This will search for both artist and album, taking the path where the music is located and the name "folder.jpg" for saving the cover-image.

For searching you'll need to register at amazon for receiving your personal "SID"-Number. Thats not too much work, though.

For downloading and further explenations please refer to:
MaresWEB Forums

Since I'm an absolute beginner in these things, I'm very happy that it works that way, athough this might occur quite simple to some of you. :smiley:
Feel free to correct me.

Many thanks to Sebastian.

Best wishes

Svlad Cjelli



Glad you like the program. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I didn't had the time to work on 3.0 due to health issues. Until now, I was operated seven times because that fistula got infected again and again. I hope to undertake the "big surgery" during my summer vacation and hope that this whole situation will end soon.

Currently, I am working on the website and plan to have it ready by early June. After that, I will restart my work on ACD.




This command line do not work anymore with the latest version og "Amazon cover download" (3.x)

Here is the new command line: %album%--acd-filename=%_folderpath%\Folder.jpg--acd-size=Medium--acd-silent=1




Please add a space between the options: --acd-keywords=%artist% %album% --acd-filename=%_folderpath%\Folder.jpg --acd-size=Medium --acd-silent=1