Add another genre


Is there a simple way to add another genre to a group of files regardless of the current genre. The outcome being that the files end up with 2 or more genre tags.

I'm mainly dealing with flac files.




Try "View > Extended Tags" or in the tag panel write genre old\genre new


I can do that manually if I group files where "genre old" is the same for all files. I'd like to be able to do in one hit for a group of files where the original genre or "genre old" is different.




True, also Extended Tags doesn't work at all.

DetlevD had a nice idea:
Add a custom tag field (i.e. ADDGENRE) to your tag panel at "Options > Tag panel"

Then create an action group format value
Field: GENRE
Format string: $meta_sep(genre,\)\%addgenre%

Enter your new genre in the addgenre field in the tag panel, then call the action.


That did exactly what I was trying to do.

Thanks for your help.