Add Artist to album tag

When using my Ipod I found having 27 “Best of” albums listed was a tad confusing. I now add the artist name to all the album tags – “Frank Sinatra – Best of”.

When starting to tag I would have tags
%title% (My Way) - %artist% (Frank Sinatra) - %album% (Best of)
Is there a quick way to add the artist tag to the album tag?

At the moment I use convert tag to filename, say, “My Way – Frank Sinatra – Best of”
(This, in some cases, can make for a very long filename)
and use convert filename to tag “%dummy% - %album%”
Then I use convert tag to filename to rename filename “My Way – Frank Sinatra”

I’m sure there is a, one click, quicker way.

Thanks, in advance.


Thanks for that.
So I made new action:

Action = Format Value
Field = Album
Format string = %artist% - %album%

Works a treat (guess you knew that :wink: )

Thanks again