add artist to the title without losing artist filed


Hello! I'd like to add artist name to my file name and--before y'all say search the forum!!--and searching through the forum for some help, I found the following action steps:

Convert --> <filename - tag> followed by %Artist% - %Title%, which worked, but now my artist field is messed up. My files are tagged:

track# - Artist name - Track name.mp3, e.g. 001 - Joe Schmoe - JoesSong.mp3

So when I enter that string, my new song title is "Joe Schmoe - JoesSong", but my artist tag is "001," when I'd prefer it to remain "Joe Schmoe." I've tried some other combinations of strings, but none work! Any help would be wunderbar from the gurus!




The format string must match the structure of you file names. Just use

%track% - %artist% - %title%

as format string.

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Hi Florian,

Sorry, I think I mistyped--what I wanted to do was add artist name to file song name as the Title Tag of the song. When I did the %artist% - %title% command, it was great, because the string of "001 - joe - joesong.mp3" became artist: 001 song title: joe-joesong. This is what I want, but I don't want artist: 001, I want to make artist: joe and song: joe-joesong

does that make sense?




Try %dummy% - %Title%

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