Add Autonumbering Option and Date to "Action's"?

I see alot of topics in this forum regarding modifying existing numbering scheme using actions but none regarding initial numbering for files in a folder. Example, I d/l a podcast of a show, break it into 30 minute clips and would love to use 1 action that clears all existing info, fills in the fileds I want, change the %title% to the days date autmatically (i.e. with a %date% function) and apply numbers to the tracks accordingly with a leading zero. Currently I have to manually add the date to the "title" field (WAAAHHH), and then use the "Autonumbering Wizard" and then use my custom action that does the rest for me. This program is the best option I have used for managing mp3's and gives me back minutes of my life a day, but it would be enven better is it could do everything in 1 fell swoop.

PodCast.mta (182 Bytes)

For a single album, something like $num(%_counter%,2)/$num(%_total_files%,2) is possible to replace the wizard.

For the current date there's %_date% and %_datetime%

You are the man, is there any options to format the date, like "mm-dd-yyyy" ?

No but it can be done with a regular expression replacement.
How is your current date format?

Well, my time was set to the default option of M/d/yyyy, I modified it to be MM/dd/yyyy and then changed the seperator to be a "-". I must say again, you are the man, works just like I want it to. This is by far the best app I have used yet for manageing a library of audio files and podcasts.

Thanks again Dano!

BTW - is there a list of all available variables to manage fields in Mp3tag 2.36a?

You're welcome.

You can find it in the help file in the export section.