Add comments to mutliple files

hello, im looking to add comments to multiple flies at once. im currently tagging my large library of podcasts but am finding it tedious because when i try tag my files with comments it results in jumbled text.

i input this:

Line :1

Line :2

Line :3

Line :4

Line :5

but mp3tag gives me this:

Line :1

i can import most data using the "Text file - Tag" function but the comments never work because of the line breaks. most of my podcasts have comments that span a few paragraphs. i would appreciate any and all help. thanks in advance!

You have to replace the linebreaks with a printable character so that the data becomes one per record. I found that the # is a fairly good character for replacement.
The data may then look like Line:1#Line: 2#Line: 3

After you have imported the data, do an action of the type "Format value" for COMMENT
Format string: $replace(%comment%,#,$char(13)$char(10))


WHOA!!!! thanks! that really did it! i used ## for the paragraphs and its all wonderful now. your awesome! INTERNET HIGH-FIVE!!!!