Add Cover File Dialog Question

When I first downloaded and installed Mp3tag, early 2.6 version I believe, when I went to add a cover by right clicking in the cover art area in the tag panel the dialog that popped up always defaulted to what I believe is considered the current working directory, the one that was scanned, instead of the directory that the file/files being edited are in. This led to extra work in browsing to the appropriate folder which isn't bad if one is updating a few files.

At some point I upgraded to version 2.66 and when I went to add cover art the dialog box would default to the folder that the mp3 file/files being edited were in which made the process much easier. About a week ago I reformatted my computer to start fresh after some nagging Windows issues. Today I installed Mp3tag version 2.66 and the add cover dialog box again defaults to directory where the files being edited are in, if I am editing multiple mp3s. If I am editing only one mp3, a single as opposed to a whole album, the dialog defaults to the current working directory.

I'm not 100% sure what the behavior was the first time I upgraded to 2.66 for single files but I don't remember ever having to browse around for the correct folder. I would assume the behavior for a single file would be the same as for a whole album of songs.



Windows 7 Professional
Mp3tag v2.66

If you want to make sure that you always end up in the folder of the current file, go to
File>Options>Folders>Forder for album cover
and enter

Excellent! Worked like a charm. As an aside, and of little real importance now, why the difference in behavior between the single file and the whole album worth?



I could not reproduce that behaviour. Perhaps, if you load several individual files from different folders you are offered one of folders from where at least one file in the list is stored. Which folder that is could depend on the selecting sequence and/or which file had the focus when you called Mp3tag.
Just guessing. If it works with the new settings, it should be good enough.