Add Cover fom Tag-Panel or Extended View

Normally doing a right-click on the cover-field and choose "Add Cover" opens an explorer Window in the actual %_folderpath%.
That is fine for me in about 99 % of all cases because that is the place where my cover-files are.

But there are rare cases (i.e. CD-Sets) where my cover-files lie in the %_parent_directory% and there is no cover-file in the directory.
Because MP3Tag does not find cover-files in these cases the selection window points to the active directory, in my case the grand-parent-directory, and I have to navigate to the right albumartist and album before beeing able to add the cover-file.

I suggest that MP3Tag inshould open these cases the parent-directory by default.

You know that you can click on the arrow up-icon in the windows file explorer to get one directory up?

Certainly I know that.:smiley:
But the problem is that (as I wrote) MP3Tag decides in these cases without cover-files in the directory to open the active directory which in (in my case) is 3 directories above.

Add Files from D:\MP3s\Albums\ to MP3Tag. The active directory is "albums".
With CD-Sets my folder structure looks like this:
D:\MP3s\Albums\%albumartist%\%album%\(CD 1) Name\

So starting the selection from a selected file by a right-click opens the selection-window withe the directory "(CD 1) Name". If there is no cover-file Mp3Tag opens the selection-window with "D:\MP3s\Albums" which is already 3 directories above and from there I have to navigate to the albumartist and then to the album.

MP3Tag does not offer the %_folderpath% of the file with an empty window. If It would you could as you suggested move 1 directory above.

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Now I understand. Sorry!

Just to be sure: Have a look at Tools -> Options -> Directories -> Cover Art Directory.
What if you enter something like %_folderpath% or %_directory%?

In fact I have already %_folderpath% there.
But I tested it again.
The default without any defined directory there is the directory of the marked file.
If this directory contains no cover-art MP3Tag jumps the the active directory (in my case 3 steps above) regardles of what is defined there.

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You are right. If there is no cover-art in the actual directory, Mp3tag jumps always to the directory where you started to scan songs.


If you start scanning from Level _1, you get the directory _1 on "Add Cover".
If you start scanning from Level 6, you get the directory \6 on "Add Cover".
It doesn't matter what you have entered in Tools -> Options -> Directories -> Cover Art Directory.

Try this:

Mp3tag automatically adds a trailing backslash so we have to remove the one that is included with %_folderpath%

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Just to add my request, to this thread:
i want to be able to drag & drop cover-art ANYWHERE in the tag panel,
and this will then add that cover-art into the 'cover art' tag.

Currently, I can drag & drop cover-art only onto the 'cover art' area.