Add cover size to Windows version

An excellent option has appeared in the macos version - to show the cover size in the song list. Can such an option be added to the windows version?

Do it yourself.
Define a column with the value:
%_cover_width% x %_cover_height%



I'm a bit of a cover fanatic, so I added three columns to the far right side of the main display: (1) Does a cover exist, and how many, (2) Cover size dimensions, (3) Cover size KB. You can see how I display them in the attached screen scrape.

I like to make sure there is one, and only one, cover for each track. And just like Goldilocks, I want it not too small and not too big. And I always check the KB size, to make sure I'm not wasting storage with a file that could be compressed.


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@astrohip There is a space between the value 450 and the x separator. It this a bug or a feature?

In my custom code for that column, I left a blank/space, so it's reflected in the display. Not sure why, and I never really noticed it before. Now of course, I can't unsee it :upside_down_face:.

I just edited the field, and removed the space.

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