Add CSV file tags to Ripped CDs

I have around 500 cds that I want to rip to mp3. I also have the database in excel and csv format for each cd. Some Cds when ripped will bring over track tags as trk 1, trk 2 etc. Is there any way to rip the cds and pull data from my database and associate the correct tag with the corresponding tracks that have been ripped? Help please!

It may be easier to use a ripper like CDex straight away as that has access to the freedb.

For the import of tags you have to create a (text) file that has as first line a list of tag-variables in exactly the same order and with the same separators as the subsequent data.
tag variables are the MP3tag names for fields enclosed by %, e.g. ARTIST becomes %artist%.
The sequence and number of files has to the same in the text file and in the MP3tag files list.

Import function from text file can be found in the converter menu.

Thanks for your reply . . .
However, I didn’t get my point across maybe. I have over the years Duped CD's in which the only data that came with it was a track number and file extension of .wav. For playing on standard CD players.

I wanted to rip this CD into a MP3 album, in which the entire Album would still show only the Track numer.MP3. With the database I have, I already know what the track tags would be based on the data I have in the excel file. I wanted to be able to have MP3 tag replace the Track01.MP3 with the real tag, that I already have in a separate Excel file. I hope this makes some sort of sense. Thanks again for your help!

Yes, that is what I thought.
You would have to export the data from the excel sheet album by album to a comma-separated-value text file, add the name(s) of the tags in the first line, select the files in mp3tag and import the tags from that textfile.
The sequence of the records in the text file has to be the same as in the file list of mp3tag as the data from the first record will be assigned to the first selected file.