Add custom tag fields to the Tag Panel on the left

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Since I purchase music from Amazon, I will manually move their software license tag from the Comment field to the Publisher field in the ID3v2 tag file. Also, when I download a file from Youtube, I like to put the Youtube url into the URL field of that ID3v2 tag file too. Can you think about adding these fields to your left windows display in Mp3tag display to make those fields easier to update? Danke

You can manually add (nearly) every field you want to see on the left tag panel.
Please have a look at this help section:

It is not necessary to do this manually.
You can define an action group with 2 actions. The first will move the content from COMMENT to PUBLISHER. The second will delete the now obsolete comment-field.

  1. Action type: Format Value
    Field: PUBLISHER
    Format String: %comment%

  2. Action Type: Remove Fields
    Field: COMMENT