Add Directory and Change Directory problem - simple fix?


I am using Mp3tag 2.44 and Windows Vista.

In the past, I've had no problems viewing my mp3 files by going to File -> Change Directory or Add Directory. Now, when I browse to the folders where my mp3s are stored, the "Please select directory that contains audio files" dialog box shows, "No Items Match Your Search."

Let me state that I am brand new to Windows Vista and I may have tweaked something in Vista that has caused this problem.

I have no problem using the context menu to load mp3s into Mp3tag, but opening up the folders using "Change Directory" or "Add Directory" just does not reveal the files. The open dialog box reads, "No Items Match Your Search."

Any ideas for a fix. I'm sure there has got to be a quick, simple fix for this.

Thanks in advance for your help.

It's not a "Browse files" dialog but "Browse Folder" so you only see folders.
It's a little tricky in Vista:

Wow, thanks. Yeah, it's a Vista thang. Thank you Dano!