Add disc number to title

Hello to everybody, i have one simple request, i want to rename my tags from multi-cd albums, so that they begin with disc number and tracknumber combined. At the moment all my collection begins with "001 Track title". I want to rename it to "101 Track title" (for disc 1) and "202 Track title" (for disc 2 etc.) and only on the albums with more than 1 discs. I tried Convert- Tag/tag but i get "1/2 001 Track title" Can someone help please?

What have you tried? It is much easier in many cases to start from that what you have already thought about.

You can try Convert>tag-tag

Format string: $num(%discnumber%,1)$mid('001 Track title',2,$len('001 Track title'))

For '001 Track title' enter the correct field name, probably TITLE

Are you talking about changing the the filename or chenging the tags?

To change the filenames you could use the converter Tag-Filename:
$num(%discnumber%,1)$num(%track%,2) %artist% %title%

I would like to replace 001 Track Title with 101 Track title (where "1" is discnumber. Only in tags! I don't mind about filename. Currently i converted all my files as 00x Track title. at the TITLE tag. Is it possible?

What about post #2?

I did it but i cannot figure out what to replace in order to have the actual track title and not "track title" :laughing: :laughing:

Format string: $num(%discnumber%,1)$mid(%title%,2,$len(%title%))

You totally saved me sir!! Thank you so much!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Glad it worked.
Yet, I cannot go without a word of advice: If you join data from structured fields (like discnumber, track and title) to an unstructured string like the one you have in TITLE - even though I still don't understand the purpose - it is still advisable to separate the pieces of data with an unique separator like _

So instead of '201 Track title' it would be better to have
'2_01_Track title'
This makes it much easier to separate once one decides that only the title data in the title field would be much nicer.

The only reason is that these files are on a hard disk connected on my Pioneer 7” headunit on my car that sorts tagged mp3s alphabetically and not by track number... So i needed to rename my whole collection with this structure. It is probably a bug, i sent an email to Pioneer but without response.. So thank you again!!