Add estimated time remaining to "Writing tag data" dialog

First time poster, long time user. Thank you for a great app.

I would love to see an estimated time remaining to the "Writing tag data" dialog.

The app is currently churning for me through a couple thousand files and I'd love to know what I can go step away and do... since I can't run another instance of the app (I know that's a dead topic sadly.)

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Even if one could see a time ... would it be accurate enough?
I bet that it is not foreseeable whether the padding in a file is big enough to squeeze in the modification or whether the file has to be re-written.
Also, such a time would not relieve you from the task to watch the process as you may have to acknowledge failures to write to a file.
I do not argue against this feature - the question is really if such a feature would lead to the desired effect.

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That's why I used the word "estimated". Windows 10 does this when you copy files. It's understood to be a constantly revised best guess.