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When all items are under the same genre the genre tag displays it. But it one item had the value misspelled, the drop down lists shows the built-in list and the existing values in my album are 'lost'.

The issue has been reported already and stamped as 'feature' but it would be really helpful to add dynamically the values found in the album on top op the built-in list .

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I am not so sure that it would really be helpful.
The list of genres maps to genre ids defined by the id3 standard for V1 tags.
If you mis-spell the genre, it becomes a user-defined genre, something that is not supported for V1 tags.
So if you have a set of tracks and some show for genre
hip-hop and others show for genre
hip hop
how would you know which is the standard complying version?
If you choose the wrong one, then the information of the genre is lost in V1 tags as it becomes "Other".
And even though V1 is probably a little outdated, it is still a standard and MP3tag makes sure that you have the best chances to select something standard compliant when you use MP3tag.

Thanks for the answer. I didn't know one has to stick with V1 values, which are quite limited when it comes to classical music.

Anyhow, I've been using my own french translations and have never seen them replaced by 'other' in the various environment we use (JRiver, MusiBee, etc...)

You are probably right that a number of implementation in the ID3 standard lean a lot towards pop music and ignore classical music.
If you have a set of user-defined genres that you frequently use, you can add that list in
and even limit the display in the genre dropdown list to your user-defined genres.
Perhaps this comes in handy.

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Sounds perfect. That will even help me to ensure some consistency in my 35000 tracks library :wink:

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