ADD Field in the tag panel

i would like to add some infos like BPM , Keys in my tag panel.
I go to preferences but don't know what field i have to choose.
Also why we can't scroll all the values.

If you don't find the name of the field there, you can just enter any field name you find when inspecting relevant files via the extended tag dialog at Cmd+T.

Thanks it's work,

Also i tried to change the file list to but dont know what type of value i have to enter.
Where i can find all the % name please

As in windows is easier do it with the customize colomun button do you think is possible do have an update like this on mac?
I used it on both.

It's the same here: you can use any %field% you find via Cmd+T when configuring the file list. Nice idea with the customize columns button, it's on my list now.

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