Add Folder... please make it relative. :)

Hey there!

I'm not sure if any of you guys will remember me...
Though let me start off by saying i still like MP3Tag very much!

It helped me out to properly tag and clean up my 30K+ music collection.
And with the help of the author, i was explained how to properly use some specific Action commands to allow easy and mass tagging!

Now i turn to you for a big favour one more time...

I am on the virge of finally creating a Script/Macro that will build a playlist of my entire music collection.
So far i have had to do this by hand and it is a very tiresome job.
The main goal is that i use a single .m3u playlist (mostly in Winamp) containing all of my music, to make the entire collection easy to listen to. (Shuffle, Jump it all works awesome).

The thing is...i often add music to my collection (complete albums or vinyl releases that have been tagged appropriatly using MP3Tag before adding them).
Its a pain to add these new additions to my large playlist on the right location (everything is sorted by genre or mediatype etc.).
This is a considerate pain especially when we are talking about 12 Albums and 20 Vinyl releases every single week.

Now what i would like to do is, use a Macro recorder to open MP3Tag and create my entire playlist inside the application. (All in an automated macro and using keyboard keys only).
This is definetly workable as i have noticed and have achieved this very goal.

The only slight nuisance i ran into, is that the option in MP3Tag called "Add Folder..." only works one single time for the entire list that is displayed.
This makes sense of course, because someone using the application to view or tag files would not need to add the same folder several times.
In my case however, i created some 0.1 sec. MP3's of which i use the ID3Tag with information to make headlines inside my huge playlist. (This keeps everything nicely organised).
One of these headlines is a marker that is used to over and underline every normal headline that announces a Genre (House, Top40, Trance, Rock) or mediatype (Album, Track, Vinyl, Liveset).

Could you guys, please help me out by allowing MP3Tag (perhaps through an option) to let me add folders several times. This would totally make my day.
(And any future day to come...since i can always keep using this Macro when it is finished, to rebuild a complete playlist exactly to my liking at any time).

If anyone's still catching my drift, here's an example as to how my playlist looks in winamp:

  1. ========================================
  2. ============= House ======================
  3. ============= Tracks ======================
  4. ========================================
  5. 2 Eivissa - Oh La La La
  6. 2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance
  7. Appollo 440 - Ain't talking bout dub
  8. ========================================
  9. ============= Top 40 ======================
  10. ============= Tracks ======================
  11. ========================================
  12. Alicia keys feat. Jay-Z - New York
  13. Di-rect - Times are changing

This is a very short example, the actual playlist would have far more music entries of course.
But...just to give you an idea on how it works...

Note that "5. 2 Eivissa - Oh La La La" is just an .mp3.
But "4. ===============" is as well. (Its just a small .mp3 of 0.1 sec containing no sound).
The only purpose it serves is to show the dashes (which are simply entries from the IDTag information).

I hope anyone is still following me, and also thanks in advance if you went through the trouble of reading this.
(I might have gone a tad overboard to explain my situation haha).
Maybe i will inspire other people with large music collections using Winamp or Foobar and are also looking to make such a large playlist more usable.

Thanks in advance.

Hey guys,

I got it figured out! :slight_smile:

I'm using Foobar2K to finish the macro, it can do the "Add Location..." function several times (because it actually concerns a playlist).

Thanks tho.