Add Image to Mp3


My first post. I am hoping to be able to add my own images to mp3's using the program. Having read a few posts here and browsed the program, I am still not sure if it is possible. Can it be done, if so how? Any help appreciated


You can press [Alt+T] or click the :mt_tag: button to open the extended tag view.
Then you have the cover display on the right side.
Then you can either drag a cover on it or use the :mt_new: button to add a cover.


Hi Dano,
Thanks, I got it to work, great. :slight_smile:
..and now I want jam on my bread :stuck_out_tongue: . The attached image is in the top left hand corner in WMP, is there a way to make it occupy the main viewing screen? BTW I'm using WMP 11.
Thanks again for your help.