Add info input to left-side panel

I wanted to add "Episode" as a new column, but how/where would I input the information? Wouldn't I need to add a new field in the left side panel? I found the OPTIONS > TAG PANEL but I can't get the hang of "Field" v "Name". I want to add a column "Episode Title" and then I want a text field to enter the actual title... "Pilot". As a normal user and a senior, I can't follow the instructions, even though they seem very clearly defined. Could Someone kindly give me a hand?

Which files are you treating (MP3, FLAC, MP4 ...)?
There is no official tagfield EPISODE. Therefore it would be a selfdefined tagfield, if you create it.

There is an official tagfield TVEPISODE that is used exclusively for MP4-files.

Creating a tagfield-mask in the tagpanel:

"Field" is the official name of the tagfield in MP3Tag. You can select this field from a list if you click on the down-arrow on the right end of "Field" or just type it. In your case that would be EPISODE, if you want to create a selfdefined (not official) field. You can see that you can't select EPISODE, you would have to type it, because it is not official. If you have MP4-files you can select TVEPISODE. In other files than MP4 TVEPISODE is also a selfdefined field.

Name is your own choice and it is what you want to be displayed as headline above the tagfield. In your case it could be "Episode", "Episode Title"" or any other headline you want.

Default stands for the default choice. Leave it to "Keep" as long as you have no other special uses.

With "Custom list values" you can create a list of tagfield-content to select from.


If you want to see this field in the filellist (columns), you have to create it there too.

You can get to the customize menue in the tag panel and the file list with a right-mouse-click, either on the column-header or within the tag-panel on an empty area.

Thank you, poster, very much for your wonderfully detailed descriptions. I want to work with mkv video files, but I can convert to mp4 if it will make things easier. Each of these files has an accompanying srt file. Could I merge these two files and then proceed with Mp3tag processing? If so, how would I do that, please?

Here is a thread about srt files and mkv files:

In MP3tag you check a file for more than just the standard tag fields in the extended tags dialogue Alt-T. If you do not see the subtitles there, then MP3tag cannot do anything with them.

Since I'm not working with mp4 files, I tried to follow your steps for a mp3 file/user-defined. I'm still doing the setup incorrectly. Attached pic "tag 1" shows what I got following your example. "tag 2" shows how I filled out the Edit Field panel, but the OK button didn't work. I could only drop the panel using CANCEL. In my mind's eye I want a new column titled "Episode Title" and for the example s01e04, "Maternity" in that new column. I'm just too unskilled to grasp what's happening.

I tried to reproduce your steps with a test MKV:

In a first step, I pressed Alt +T on my test MKV and added the tag EPISODE and some random content text "My own Episode content"

In a second step, I added a new column, I called it "Episode"

In a third step, I added a new Tag Panel field called "My Tag Panel Episode":

Did you made the same steps?

Hi, LyricsLover, welcome to my dilemma. I have been struggling with all the above information with the best of illustrative directions all day today and despite the perceived logic of the procedure, I am simply not able to follow it. I apologize to you all. LyricsLover, I didn't go at the process as you did, I added the Episode column first. Then I went to file > options > tag panel and tried to go from there, but I couldn't decide in the "Edit field" window how to fill out the boxes for Field, Name, and Default Value no matter what variations I tried so I got nowhere. And somehow I can't pair up your steps with what I thought would happen. But maybe I don't need to go this far into the reformation Mp3tag for video. All I'm trying to do is understand why Plex only displays a single season of House, MD when there are eight and all the files seem to be labeled exactly the same. For example: all of Season 1 PLEX picks up, puts in the correct library, labels the episodes correctly and has the correct episode title, yet PLEX doesn't see any of the other seasons or episodes.

Season 1 example: House - [1x14] - Control... PLEX displays correctly
Season 5 example: House - [5x14] - The Greater Good... is not recognized by PLEX

What makes these two files different?

Is that the filename or is this the metadata in fields?
Screenshots of the extended tags dialogues from both files individually would help.

According to Plex, you have to create some directory structure to achieve that:

For the usual TV show you should use a directory structure like this
\Band of Brothers (2001)\Season 01\Band of Brothers (2001) - s01e01 - Currahee.mkv
For your House MD it would be:
\House (2004)\Season 01\House (2004) - s01e01 - Pilot.mkv
\House (2004)\Season 08\House (2004) - s08e22 - Everybody Dies.mkv
The TV show name must match the entry from the Plex-Source: TMBD

Please show as a screenshot of Alt + T from one of your MKV files.
There we can see how your (existing?) episode tag should be named in the File List column or the Tag Panel Field definition.

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I wrote that you should not define a default value but leave it to the standard "Keep". After clicking 2 times o.k. in the windows "Edit field" and "Tag Panel" there should be a new field with the headline "Episode Title" in the tag panel for to fill whatever you want. It seems that you already have done this because I can see a field and the content "Maternity" in the tag panel. After filling a tagfield in the tag panel you have to save the content. (CTRL-s as shortcut or the save-icon).

I realize that the files, wonky as they are, do not conform to PLEX standards, but somehow Season 1 loaded just fine. The reason I was trying to modify Mp3tag was so I could redo all 8 seasons in the correct PLEX standard.

Please explain how to do this task.

Which task exactly do you mean?
Rename your files to the Plex structure?
Or do you want a working Tag Panel field called "Episode"?

Or how to load a track into Mp3tag and press Alt+T on it and create a screenshot?

Those are the file names. I don't understand "extended tags dialog". There is no other file info beyond what you see here.

see here:

If you want to do anything with tags in the tag panel, then in many cases the extended tags dialogue is the easiest way to the source of information about tag field names.

I'm not familiar with Alt-T and how to use it. Is there a How-To out there? Google search only says that it is a shortcut command only used by Firefox and Internet Explorer. I use Chrome but I also have Firefox. Irregardless I can't figure out how to use it.

You keep the Alt key pressed while you hit the T key once.

Looking at the screenshots posted earlier, it appears to me that there are virtually no tag fields being filled in other than Title, and these all have the same value with just the name of the show.

@tweybrew The tags that are being referred to by the others answering here are pieces of data that are embedded into the file itself, not the file name. Player software (like Plex) can use this information and helps to create the library that allows you to browse by things like the name, season, episode, etc. It is up to you to complete this data. The mp3tag program helps facilitate it, but doesn't complete the process for you.

I don't have the same series from House, MD to refer to. But here is an example image of the tags I have for another TV show. Note I have added several fields to both the Tag Panel and the main column viewer that I have saved for TV shows. I have different views for Music.

And here is the Extended Tags view (using Alt-T) of one of those files that shows all of the tag fields associated with that episode.

If you only have the filename, you aren't going to have much success with any player software as there isn't much there to differentiate things. Adding these layers of details will help to make your browsing expwerience more robust. The same applies for any music and movie library.

The Plex link supplied by LyricsLover is very informative. Tags are not mentioned, only file names. These must include the standard Plex season and episode notation. But your file names do not follow this format. Have you tried renaming your files to follow the Plex example?

ShowName – s02e17 – Optional_Info.ext

Maybe that is all that will be needed.
My point is that once you have your file names conforming to the Plex spec, then you can add whatever tags you want in Mp3tag without disturbing what Plex needs to see. So I suggest that you restore the Plex standard file names first, and work on the tags later.