Add LYRICS tag value and field?

True beginner at this. Trying to learn as I go.

I am using foobar2000 and plugins to automatically add lyrics to flac files. In order to do it I need a tag "LYRICS" for it to do what I us it for. When I try to add "LYRICS" under extended tags it ask for "field, value". So far anything I have entered as a value prevents foobar from writing to the tag. Without a value the LYRICS field dissapears.
How do I solve this?


In Mp3tag when you set field to blank, the program will remove the field. It will not write blank fields. But I doubt very much that you need to first create the field first before populating it in foobar2000. It sounds as though foobar2000 is not writing to the LYRICS field if there's already something there (which makes some sense, depending on what you're trying to do). Maybe you can change that behavior, but your problem is in foobar2000, not Mp3tag.

Ok! Thanks, that clears up some things.
From what you seem to be saying I take it that if foobar does what it is supposed to do it will create the tag and write to it. Correct?

I would hope so.