Add .mp3 to a file

Hi, there,
I am here because I am trying to put "mp3" at the end of the audio files that do not have the mp3 extension. But when i try to place it by means of an action the file is also without extension because it leaves a point after mp3. For example:

Frank Sinata - Hello.mp3.

This means that the file is also left without an extension.
I tried this in the format string: %_FILENAME%.mp3

How can I add .mp3 to all the files that don't have it and that look good?

there is also the variable %_filename_ext% that includes the extension.
How do you get MP3tag to load and identify such files without extension?
And wouldn't it be much easier to run a simple command shell command
ren *. *.mp3

I identify the files because I have them all in the same directory. MP3Tag is able to load mp3 files without extension.

In this case with the variable %_filename_ext% the string format would be simply mp3? or as?
I tried to do it, but it tells me it can't be written to the file.

Maybe it would be easier with batch but I would like to do it with mp3 tag hahaha

see here for the description of variables:

Try to do it like this
and it tells me the same error that can't be written to the file

What about
Format value for FILENAME_EXT
Format string: %_filename%.mp3

same error

so whch other program tries to access that file?
Can you rename it manually?

No, no other program is using this file. And if I can rename it manually, with another program like AdvancedRenamer I can do it too.

You can use an action "Replace with regular expression" using


as regular expression and replace the match by


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Yess!!! Thanks you so much Sr! Just what I needed.
Taking this opportunity, thank you very much for creating such a wonderful program.


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