Add new option to artwork (cover) description tag

Before the 33 rpm vinyl album, there were 78 rpm albums, with several (usually 4) discs packaged in a single unit. I am tagging one of these albums now,* downloaded from the seemingly endless number of 78s collected by the Internet Archive.

I want the album artwork "front cover" to be displayed when I play the song, but where available I also want a photo of the label inside the mp3 file. There doesn't seem to be a proper category to assign these label photos — for example, "label." For now, they are "other," but is there a way of adding a freeform tag to the options? If not, what is the protocol for requesting an this feature from the vast (ha!) development staff at mp3tag world headquarters in beautiful Dresden?

Mr. Art

"A Duke Ellington Panorama" (1943)

I would not recommend to break with the official specification:

But as long as you are the only one using your tracks, you can use whatever picture type you want:

$00     Other
$01     32x32 pixels 'file icon' (PNG only)
$02     Other file icon
$03     Cover (front)
$04     Cover (back)
$05     Leaflet page
$06     Media (e.g. lable side of CD)
$07     Lead artist/lead performer/soloist
$08     Artist/performer
$09     Conductor
$0A     Band/Orchestra
$0B     Composer
$0C     Lyricist/text writer
$0D     Recording Location
$0E     During recording
$0F     During performance
$10     Movie/video screen capture
$11     A bright coloured fish
$12     Illustration
$13     Band/artist logotype
$14     Publisher/Studio logotype

What about Publisher/Studio logotype?

The $11 seems not to be supported by Mp3tag :face_with_monocle: :rofl:

Isn’t this the same label you are asking for that would be the equivalent of “Media” from a CD? In this case it would be the record image from either side. But note that very few players in the computer or mobile platforms will display anything but the first (or sometimes last) image in the metadata.