add number to track name

is there any way to add sequential numbers to a track name?
for example from

watch that man
drive in saturday
aladdin sane

01 watch that man
02 drive in saturday
03 aladdin sane

very grateful for any assistance.
(the reason I would to to do this is my rubbish car player only will play tracks alphabetically)

Gary :frowning:

What is a "track name" for you? TITLE? _FILENAME?

You could try the function Convert>Tag-Tag with the format string:
$num(%_counter%,2) %fieldname%

Instead of %fieldname% write the proper fieldname.

thanks for that i will try that

I used $num(%_counter%,2) %title%
this worked very well.
my next question is there a way of avoiding selecting each album. i.e select all folders and apply the conversion once?

%_counter% works on all selected files and is not reset to 1. So if you have selected, say, 500 files, %_counter% will count from 1 to 500.
If you want to get a reset for each folder, you would have to use the track numbering wizard.

OK thanks for your help