add quick Lyrics

how i can add UNSYNCED LYRICS in Tag Panel? If i can do it i can add the lyric very quick.
is it possible the lyric can add automatic from the source ?

See "Tools > Options > Tag panel"

And it's UNSYNCEDLYRICS :slight_smile:

Yes I did it but i can't modify
Too much step for modify my lyrics

1 - click Extended tag
2 - click add field
3 - select metadata UNSYNCEDLYRICS
4 - paste lyrics - ok

I love to do it quicky just one step paste into muliti line.

p/s can we have the plugin to add lyric automatic like iArt (for itunes) lyricsPlugin (windows Media) it search and show the lyric by google but it can't add to tag mp3

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You don't have to use the extended tags, you can do it in the tag panel. (See my first post)