Add Ratings to Songs Doesn't work Sometimes

I am having problems. I have the latest version of Mp3tag, however, when I look at my songs in a folder on my computer I see that one song shows no rating. So, I set the rating with Mp3tag and voila. However, other mp3's that I try this for will not take the new rating. Not sure what to do. Please help.


See the help page on fields

There you find various formats for ratings. Check which one you have used successfully and see if the other files can be updated.

Most songs rating is being updated by Mp3tag, but there is one song that is stubborn and won't update.

Then I would check the integrity of the file with e.g. mp3val or mp3diags (both freeware).
Also, I would check the tag versions in the files e.g. if there are APE tags present. If so, remove them.

I downloaded and tried MP3Diags. It works pretty good, however, now Mp3Tag will not see any of the changes. ie. I changed the rating with MP3Diags and Mp3Tag shows the rating now as blank.

Well at least in the folder where I have the songs the rating shows up. Guess you can't have everything perfect.

Thanks for the help people. Much appreciated.

Could you check if the files in question have also other tags than V2.3 (or V1) like APE?
(But I have already said that in a previous post but there has not been an answer yet).
APE, even if empty, overwrites ID3 tags in MP3tag.