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I have been using MP3Tag for the Mac (along with other tag editing apps) for a number of years. Whenever I get into a jam with MP3Tag, I jump to another app. So, here is a basic one I'd like to resolve.

I want to add the record label to a ripped CD. The default metadata does not show the label in MP3Tag, but does in dBPoweramp (my ripping app). I understand that "Publisher" is the equivalent to the record label, and I seek to view that in extended tags and (preferably) the tag panel on the left.

When I attempt to do so, I can add Publisher (⌘T => select + => select Publisher) but I don't see anyway to save it so it can added to the extended tags or the tag panel:

That is when I revert to another app (but not today... :slight_smile: )


As soon as you enter the actual field content (i.e., the publisher) in the extended tag dialog, the OK button gets enabled and you can save the change :slight_smile:

You can also add a corresponding field to the Tag Panel on the left, or a column to the File list as outlined here:

Finally got a chance to try it today. Worked great (and was easy).


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