Add release year and bitrate to folder names

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure MP3TAG is capable of doing what I would want to, and I don't find what I want to do on the forums. I'm kind of hoping someone already has a script I can modify or use as a starting point as my scripting skills aren't great.

I have A LOT of music that I would like to sort. The tags inside the MP3/FLAC's are fine but the filenames aren't. The music files are in folders that are sorted by catalog number. I would like to rename the files and tag the release year and bitrate in the folder names.

This is an example of what I would like the folders to look like:

▷ Example Recordings
    ▷ [CAT001] Artists - Album [2006][FLAC-16bit]
    ▷ [CAT002] Artists - Album [2007][FLAC-24bit]
    ▷ [CATLP001] Artists - Album [1995][CBR-192]
    ▷ [CATLP002] Artists - Album [1996][VBR-182]
    ▷ [CATCD001] Artists - Album [2002][CBR-320]

I'd like the filenames just to be simple:

▷ Example Recordings
    ▷ [CAT001] Artists - Album [2006][FLAC-16bit]
        ▷ 01 - Artist - Title.FLAC
        ▷ 02 - Artist - Title.FLAC

I know the catalog number isn't in the tags so it would be fine if they're left out, I can add them again manually. I already have the catalog number between brackets on all folders it would have to be added after the first brackets [*]. (If this is too complicated, I could just add them all manually later.)

I'm guessing it would be best to separate both filename changing and the folder-name changing in two separate scripts so I can rename music files within all subfolders before I run the folder renaming script. For the Variable Bitrate (VBR) rips both the version number or the average of all files within a folder would be ok. So [VBR-V0] or [VBR-245].

Any help or advice would be highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


Any action only looks at the current file. There is no way to remember a value from a previous file and compare it to a current value - this can only be done with an export.

To manipulate the folder use an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY
Format String: %artist% - %album% '['%year%']' ...
where ... stands for all the other fields that you want to include.