add resized cover?

Hi :slight_smile:

what is the fastest way to add cover to my mp3? In all the folders I have an image named Front.jpg.

Mp3tag can create an automatic procedure to scan all my folder and put in the mp3 the front.jpg but resized?

Sorry but my english is terrible :slight_smile:


The fastest way is an action of the type "Import cover from file" with - in your case - the filename front.jpg.

You have to supply the correct size as MP3tag only embeds the cover but does not perform any functions of a graphics utility.

I dream that is not real and your is a joke, I have a million of album :slight_smile:

What are you referring to?
You cannot load a million albums at the same time anyway. The import from the file front.jpg in the local folder is as fast as you can get.
Where is the problem?

I had misunderstood, I saw that I can add a folder, it analyzed by mp3Tag and then from the menu Action add the cover to mp3.
So I can add the cover to many album simultaneously. And that's what I wanted :slight_smile:
The problem now is to add the covers but with a small size, mp3 otherwise is get too big.
How can I do?

See this thread from 2006: /t/3627/1

thanks' but IrfanView resize the original pics and I don't want it. Or it can create a new pics with another name but IrfanView don't save in the original folder so I can't use it :frowning:

There are other utilities that resize images from the command line:

I use Picture Resizer:, although not as a Mp3tag tool.

Maybe you can find one that meets your needs and can be used in DetlevD's script.

You can't have the cake and eat it too.
If you want to resize a picture in the same folder and keep the original the picture has to be renamed. There cannot be 2 files with the same name in a folder.
That is not a deficit of irfanview but a law of the OS (Windows).

You can create new pictures with another name in the same folder, import them with MP3Tag and afterward delete these resized pictures if you don't want to keep them.
And it also would be possible with irfanview to automatically save the resized pictures in 1 another folder with individual name and import them from there.

I tell you how I my solution looks like. I want covers of albums as far as I can get them in a high resolution. But I don't want such large pictures embedded in all the tracks of an album. Just to look at the cover in the player I think a resolution of 800x800 is big enough for me
So I decided to gather covers in high rersolution in the album folder:
and create a file "folder.jpg" in resolution 800x800 from the Front-Cover and import that resized cover in the tracks. Folder.jpg also suits for software that depends on such a file to show a cover in some situations.

I CAN can have the cake and eat it too...the solution is Sanse Mp3 Art Sizer that resize the image imported in the mp3.

and this solution I found I who are inexperienced :slight_smile:
And my request I think it's one of the more normal they can do on the inclusion of the covers in the mp3,
I am surprised that mp3Tag has not integrated a function that does everything by itself.

Because graphics are graphics, tags are tags and audio is audio.
So I think it is best for every program to do what it is best at.
Actually, I think that Photoshop is really bad at tagging mp3s...

No you still can't.
My answer referred to the fact that you cannot have 2 files with the same name in 1 folder. I never doubted that it is possible to create a piece of software that can resize embedded pictures in 1 go.

Nice tool.
A little drawback is that it cannot handle more than 1 embedded cover. It cares only for the first embedded cover and also does not tell you that there is more than 1.
And another drawback is that it changes the Id3V2-character-encoding to ISO-8859-1 and also changes ID3V2.4-UTF8 to ID3V2.3-ISO-8859-1.

I obviously do not want two files with the same name. I wanted IrfanView left intact Front.jpg file and then creates a new one, maybe called Front small.jpg, so that I can then import them with Mp3tag.

I tried Sanse Mp3 Art Sizer but unfortunately does not keep its promises, the covers in mp3 they are still big :frowning:

That would have been no problem with Irfanview.
Irfanview is capable to do that with it's Batch-Converting and it would just be 1 click to resize all your cover-files. You just have to tell Irfanview what the new filename should look like.

But you wrote:

So it's just a misunderstanding about the mighty capabilities of Irfanview and how to use them.

I cannot confirm this.
I did not know this software but before answering I tested it and after resizing the file-size and the tagsize became smaller.
Did you perhaps set the quality to 100 %? The usual compression of JPGs is about 80% and if you resize only a little but set the quality of such a conversion to 100% the size may even get larger.
Setting the quality to 100% enlarges the jpgs

There may be also some rare cases where padding matters.

the setting that I have use is 450 and 85 for the quality. But, in Tag&Rename the cover are all large, don't know :frowning:

What do you exactly mean by large?
Do you mean that the resolution stays the same or do you mean that the mp3-file-size stays the same after resizing?

Sans Mp3 Resizer only reduces the resolution if the original resolution is higher than your resizing-setting.

Also Mp3Tag should tell you in the tag-panel that the embedded JPG has another resolution than before. And you have to look at the filesize before reducing and afterwards.
And you have to refresh your MP3tag-view. If you have opened MP3Tag with the file loaded and then change the resolution with the resizer, Mp3Tag will show the new size not before you make a refresh.

in Sans Mp3 Resizer I click on "Resize Setting" and I have Size 450 and Quality 85. I have apply the resize and Sans Mp3 Resizer tell me that is all ok BUT in Mp3Tag (after refresh) and in Tag&Rename I see the old resolution/size, so Sans Mp3 Resizer don't appy really your modification :frowning:

Well I cannot look over your shoulder and have to take it as you describe your procedure.
So Sans Mp3 Art Sizer shows the new resolution in the row "New Size"?

And you are testing it really on files with embedded pictures? MP3Tag shows also your front.jpg in the folder if there is no embedded cover in the mp3. In this case it shows the name of the file too.
I ask this because you wrote:

So the thread started with the wish to resize your external files and then import the resized files in the mp3s and I am suspicious that you still have no embedded picture.

If this is not the case test this way:
Import a real large file in a mp3, maybe a digital foto from a camera and resize with Sans MP3 Art Sizer. I can tell you that the resizing is working because I just tested it again, used a picture with resolution 3488x2616, resized it with your settings and MP3Tag shows me the new resolution and a size of the picture, which is only 20 KB from former 4,13 MB.

Last question:
Do you perhaps have mor than 1 picture embedded. I wrote somes posts above that Sans MP3 Art Sizer is only able to resize 1 picture in a mp3. It even does not show that there are more pictures if there are. If there are more pictures you can see in MP3tag.

yes, So Sans Mp3 Art Sizer show the new resolution but the in Mp3Tang and in Tag&rename the resolution is Always the old one :frowning:

before adding the covers I proceeded to remove all the covers inserted in mp3