Add S(Series)E(Episode) to Track or Title

I'm sure it's my head but I like to list my Podcast Episodes with Series(S) Number (eg Series 2 = S2) and Episode(E) Number (S2E1). So for example in Title Column(from which I create Filename) S2E1.Intro, S2E2.Day one, S2E3.Five Days in. I see how to get the track numbers to auto create. So I can then add the Track No to the Title as in 1.Intro, but can you help me get the S and E in there as well. I'm very new to this. What a great programme MP3Tag is. Thanks. Tony

You could have a look at the FAQs:

Or use the function Convert>tag-Tag for TITLE
Format string: S1E%track%.%title%

If you have stored the series number somewhere in a field, you could use that field as well. Let us assume, it is called SERIES. Then it looks like
Format string: S%series%E%track%.%title%

Thank you so much @ohrenkino. That's brilliant. I searched the Topics and FAQ but couldn't find anything I could understand. I fully understand that and you make it seem so simple. Thanks. Tony

You can use the common existing fields %tvseason% and %tvepisode% and they will work for this purpose. You can use these plus the title to update your filenames this way.

Thanks for your help @MotleyG but I'm afraid you've lost me totally. I'll have to do some research on that. I'm just new to al this. Thanks. Tony

It is best to avoid using non-standard user tags.

If you use a user defined field like Series, it will not be visible to most players. The other ones I suggested are standard, so players like iTunes can see them.
I would use %tvseason% instead of Series and %tvepisode% for your Episode tags.

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