Add Sequential Numbering to Track Title After Delimiter


I've just spent nearly two hours searching through the forums and experimenting with the Replace, Format Value; & Guess Value functions in order to solve a problem with sequential numbering, but all to no avail. Would someone be so kind and please let me know how to apply sequential numbering after a colon, wherever it may appear in a track title?

For example, how can I apply sequential numbering after the colon if I highlight the following tracks...

Brandenburg Concerto No 1. in F-major: Allegro
Brandenburg Concerto No 1. in F-major: Adagio
Brandenburg Concerto No 1. in F-major: Allegro

In order to look like this...

Brandenburg Concerto No 1. in F-major: 01. Allegro
Brandenburg Concerto No 1. in F-major: 02. Adagio
Brandenburg Concerto No 1. in F-major: 03. Allegro

Note. I require a space before, and a full stop and space, after each number.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.



Why do you write this in the section "Bugs"?

You have to do it seperate for each classic and so in your example have to mark these 3 files in the right order.

Define an action group with subsequent 3 actions:

Type: Guess Values
Source Format: %title%
Guessing pattern: %title_temp1%:%title_temp2%

Type: Format Value
Field: %title%
Format String: %title_temp1%: $num(%_counter%,2).%title_temp2%

Type: Remove Fields
Fields to remove: %title_temp1%;%title_temp2%

Typo correction in second action.

Once you have a tagfield named TRACK, which contains the current tracknumber, you can replace the old string ': ' with a new string like this action can do it ...

Action "Format value" Field : TITLE Formatstring: $replace(%TITLE%,': ',': '$num(%TRACK%,2)'. ')


Thank you so much for your help. It worked perfectly and I'm so sorry for posting this in the "Bugs" section. My mistake, I thought I was in the "Support" section.




I'm not sure how to make this reply appear in Support section rather than Bugs section, so apologies in advance.

I've been using DetlevD's formula for applying sequential numbering in the example I described above, where track numbers match Classical work numbers, and have had 100% success. However, I would like to apply your formula now, where track numbers don't match Classical work numbers. Unfortunately, regardless of whether track numbers are in sync with Classical work numbers or not, I get stuck on the Format Value action due to a SYNTAX ERROR IN FORMATTING STRING message being returned. Are you able to clarify whether...

%title%_temp1%: $num(%_counter%,2).%title_temp2%

is a valid string or not please? Thank you.

Sorry. I made a typo with an additional %: %title%_temp%
It has to be
%title_temp1%: $num(%_counter%,2).%title_temp2%

It works perfectly now. Thank you very much for this very useful formula, and your quick response.