Add Space After Certain Word

Hi everyone, I can't seem to make this work. I have a huge amount of songs that I want to add a space after "ft". I use ft to mean featuring.

So this is what I have "DJ Khaled - Hold You Down (Ftchris Brown)

I need to add a space after everytime ft is used:
DJ Khaled - Hold You Down (ft Chris Brown)

not worried about capitalization i have other actions taking care of this.


Set Filter: "%_filename%" MATCHES "\bFt([^ .].+)"
Action: Format value
Formatstring: $regexp(%_filename%,'\bFt([^ .].+)','ft \u$1')


Try an action of the type "Replace" for whatever field that applies (looks a lot like the filename to me)
Search string: (ft
Replace string: (ft_
where you use a instead of the _
Perhaps you even extend the replace string by "ft. " as the "ft" is an abbreviation.

This replaces all "ft" preceeded by a bracket. If you have more of the ft-cases then either leave out the preceeding character or use a different one.

I am sure there are numerous occasions where the ft is part of a normal word. Like "Taylor Swift" or "gifted" and so on. So: caution.

Good points! thanks guys!