Add space to, swap Lastname,Firstname


In the artist field, when the artists name is in the form "lastname,firstname" , how do I....

-separate the two names/add a space
-remove the comma and
-swap the last and first names?

Thank-you in advance if anyone can be of help.

If you have a field:

  • "lastname,firstname"
or something like this:
  • " lastname , firstname "
and want it to be:
  • "firstname lastname"
you may create an Action with the following properties:
  • Field: your_fieldname
  • Regular Expression: (.),(.)
  • Replace matches with: $trim($2) $trim($1)


Thanks DetlevD...I gave that a try first thing this morning before heading out to work this morning and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks again.


Was looking for This!!