Add submenus in menu 'Actions'

Quite new in MP3TAG and LOVE it!
Appreciate the enormous flexibility of creating my own tag actions. But I make so many that my dropdownlist is getting too long. I have seen (by coincidence) an example of submenus, so it must be possible to create them.
Then I get menu groups like NEW (artist, album, comment)
But how?

Where did you see that? As far as I know there is no possibility to create submenus.

It is possible to create action groups if you add more than one action in the dialogue were you enter the action type.
Actions in an action group are executed in the sequence that you can see in the list.
Once you have defined an action group, it is not possible to exclude single actions from the execution when you call that action group.

To get a submenu put a # sign in the action group name.

See attached my example, you could expand that further by adding & symbols before the letter you want to use as a short-cut to the filename. Pressing Alt>A>B>D for script &Beatport#&Download will run the script as well. Just an extra little tip.

@dano & stevehero,
Thanks for the fast and effective answer.
Creating submenus is sufficient, personally I NEVER work with keyboard shortcuts other than the standard windows

I saw it by coincidence in my OWN action menu, when I defined two actions:
set discnumber # 1
set discnumber # 2
I simply wasn't aware it was the # that created the submenu