Add support for animated GIF covers

OK. It's clear. But maybe accepting animated gif covers for audio files could be a new feature? Is it possible?

Most media players only use jpg or png files for artwork. Some may also use bmp but not really recommended for full compatibility with the majority. None I am aware of will display a gif, so support by mp3tag would be irrelevant.

AFAIK the ID3 standard only supports jpg and png. So you are free to influence the ID3 folks to add other formats to the standard.

Windows Media Player plays animated gif.

And Media Player Classic even supports SRT Subtitles for animated gif.

Adding support for cover types outside of the ID3 spec could cause more troubles with many other players that do not support this.

Ah, but is the animated gif embedded in the music file or just in the right place so the player accesses it?

Has anyone tried APNG?

MP3Tag Add Cover adopts APNG yet only in PNG extension, but MP3Tag doesn't yet show any animations like to almost all commonly used image viewers. However the Internet browsers, especially the Firefox can show APNG animation.
Also IrfanView displays APNG animation too.

The Player plays animated gif as a video file. Can an animated gif be embedded in an audio file? It will be nice, if it can be embedded in an audio file and if it can be played by a player from inside of an audio file.
★ However, the animation is a video feature, even if it is an animated gif or an animated png.
★ An animated gif added to a mp3 file by MP3-Info app doesn't display any animation, and MP3Tag displays it as a still cover-image too.

Well, you are looking for a feature in mp3tag that applies to animated video that doesn't exist in mp3tag for non-animated jpg or png.

If you look at a music file in mp3tag that has a jpg "nearby", you will not see the jpg (unless that jpg is embedded inside the music file). In this case, some players might display the non-embedded jpg. Other players might retrieve an image from the interwebs. This is unique to each player.

I'm not sure that curing all of the ills of the world (of players) is in the purview of a program that deals with the standards of tags.

You can if you want. :slightly_smiling_face:
In the options, remove the check-mark for "Don't display first image from file directory as cover art".
Display or Not Display nearby image as cover art

Yes, you are right. So sorry.

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