Add synonyms and Replace Tags Bulk Action

Hi, does someone knows if is it possible to add similar keywords when the files have specific words inside the comments fields?

For example: add the word "moody" in the comments fields of all the files that contains the word "dark" (that is already written and inside the comments fields)

And the other question would be, is it possible to replace words in a bulk of songs ?
For example....take all the files/songs that contain the words "man voice" and replace them all for "male vocals"

Thanks so much for helping!

for the replace action, see here:

You can filter for words like
%comment% HAS moody
and then add dark to COMMENT

If this should happen regularly then it would become a little trickier.

Hi ohrenkino! I could replace with the post you send me!

I didn´t understand where can filter the words?
In Tag-Tag? Actions? I haven´t found it, where I can search all the files that contain "x" word?

Once I find those words in several files, where I have to go to put %comment% HAS moody
and then add dark to COMMENT?

Thank u very much!

There is a filter input box at the bottom of the window.
(Press F3 to show and hide the filter)

In that filter input box enter the string
%comment% HAS dark
This will show all the files in the files list that have "dark" in COMMENT.
Select the files and run the action as described in this thread

to add "moody"

thank you!!! very helpful :slight_smile:

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