Add text to a field in automatic action

Hello everyone and congratulations to the community for this great and very useful software.

I have the title field incorrectly filled in like this:
For Example: I Like Chopin (Extended Mix
As you can see, the ")" is missing. This is for over 2000 files in the "title" column.

How can I quickly enter ")" with an automatic action?
The Result For Exaple: I Like Chopin (Extended Mix)

Thanks and happy Sunday from Italy

Do you know how to select your "over 2000 files" with the missing ")"?

If yes:

1.) Press ALT + 5 for Convert Tag -> Tag
2.) Select or enter TITLE as content for field
3) Enter the following format string: %title%)


This means: replace all TITLE tags for the selected files with the already available content of %title% and add a ")".

Again: You have to be sure to preselect your tracks!

Thank you. it was really easy.
Total about 2000 tracks, but I select them a little at a time.

What if I wanted to insert the "(" or other character within the title?
For example: I Like Chopin Extended Mix)
Result: I Like Chopin (Extended Mix)
Thanks again.

For your second question:
You have to find a specific and unique part in your title-text, like
" Extended "
(include a space before and after the word)
and replace it with your leading "(" like
" (Extended "
(include a space before and after the word)

This is much more error-prone, beacuse this would also wrongly change titles like
" love being with my extended family" to
" love being with my (extended family"

As long as you don't have a really unique separator it's not possible to fully automate such a task. There is no way to recognize the one and only exact position to add the "(". You could - as example - also wish to get the title "I Like (Chopin Extended Mix)".

Only execute such a change on a very small amount of selected files. Double check your results to be sure that you really get what you want.

One could reduce the number of possible files with a filter like
%title% HAS "(" AND NOT %title% HAS ")"
or to find the other variation:
%title% HAS ")" AND NOT %title% HAS "("

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Unfortunately the length of each title line is different from each other. Therefore impossible to insert in the right position.
but thanks for the answers anyway.

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If you "Replace" a string then it does not matter at which character position you find it. It is the string that matters.

Therefore? What would the action be like in this case?

You make me cry progressive mix)
You want my love extended mix)
Your love extended mix)
You're my heart, you're my soul mix '98)

You make me cry (progressive mix)
You want my love (extended mix)
Your love (extended mix)
You're my heart, you're my soul (mix '98)

As you have different patterns, you need different approaches.
For those that end in "mix"
try an action of the type "Format value" for TITLE
Format string: $regexp(%title%,'(.*) (.*)? mix\)','$1 ($2 mix)')

For those that are then left over like the "mix '98)"
Use an action of the the type "Replace" for TITLE
Search string: mix
Replace string: (mix