Add track titles to album field

I'm a long time user and I can use the basic features okay.

I have a bunch of vinyl's that I ripped years ago and just had the basic %track% - %title% format. I'm now working my way through them and I have added the catalogue number (taken from the folder name) to the album field.

I would, however, like the track names included in the album too, separated by a slash.


(Catalogue Number) - track1 / track2 / track3

I have tried tag to tag :


Format String=(%album%) - %title%

Obviously that just adds each title rather than both.

(Catalogue Number) - track1
(Catalogue Number) - track2

Is there something I can use to do this ?



Format String=(%album%) - %titlefromtrack1% / %titlefromtrack2% / %titlefromtrack3%


MP3tag does not know anything about other files but sees only the data of the current file.
So I do not think that there is any convenient way to get such a list of entries from any arbitrary selection of files into one field.

You may have to run an export that creates a single line of text from all the selected files and then import that text data from file.
But this is probably not very convenient.

I thought that, just making sure there wasn't some trick I could use.

I could probably just have the leading (first) track from the single.

I pretty much want the layout the same as Discogs has. I tried using Discogs but it wrote over some of the tags I wanted to keep. I want to keep the (side) A/AA or B instead of track 1/2 etc. I also had to manually search for the release and then run the (default) Discogs script. I would be quicker just typing the info straight into MP3tag.

I may have to ask a question specifically about Discogs. Unless anyone knows if there is there a way of searching and just extracting a particular part from Discogs and adding that to the album field. Without having to manually search for every single of course.