Add -x to track tags


I need an action to add -x in one go to all the track numberings of an album. So if an album has 8 tracks, and its numbering is 1, 2, 3 etc, I want to make it into 1-8 ,2-8, 3-8 in one go. Could someone explain to me if and how this would be doable? Thank you very much. Might be a dumb question but I'm a bit new at this and not the best with computers in general.

Did you have a look at the track numbering assistant (Ctrl-K)?
Please note, that the slash is the valid separator between current and total number and not the hyphen.

Ah thanks a bunch, that worked. Also, thank you for the additional info on separators. However, I collect all my music on a Fiio device, which doesn't order my tracks correctly if I use /'s but works fine if I use -'s strangely enough.

Are you sure about this? I haven’t seen this problem before on my device. It actually depends on the file type. For mp3 the tracks should be numbered with the slash, such as 1/8 2/8 etc. For other file types there is a separate track field and totaltracks field. This should be used correctly on your Fiio device’s native player. If it is Android based, you can check with one of several other media players, Foobar Mobile is currently free.

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